Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I'm Spartacus - Donna Is Distressed 7" (1983, Decade Records)

Here is the debut 7" by I'm Spartacus / I Spartacus. This one dates back to '83, and it wouldn't be until 1988 that they returned to vinyl with the "Crank" 12" (found at Phoenix Hairpin's blog here), and ending with the1989 LP "The Greats" (posted directly below). This one is pretty straight-forward early 80s post-punk with some odd western influences... The title track has never blown me away, but always an enjoyable listen.

Preview samples here:

I'm Spartacus - Donna Is Distressed 7" (1983, Decade Records)

01. Donna Is Distressed
02. Seven Wonders of The West

Get this 7" + the LP (posted below) below (I stuck them together on accident when doing a reupload)
pass: kentuckyfriedwave


  1. So far, great stuff on here. I was wondering if you have material from Dead Relatives and Emotional Outburst?

  2. If I have added a release to discogs some time in the past, then I physically have it.