Saturday, October 22, 2011

Direct Action - The Album LP (1985, Second Coming Productions)

Strange private press (1,000 copies) from a band that appears to have been based out of London. The LP comes with an extensive booklet containing a lot of political and philosophical rants... by glancing through it, I would think I just purchased an anarcho punk album! Discogs has this one listed as Second Coming for the band name, I don't think this is the case...
Couple cool dark/gothy tracks on here (my favorites), "Antipop" reminds me of Depeche Mode, some standard new wave tunes, few synthy ones, and others bordering on indie. I liked the LP better after a few listens... not perfect... but certainly pretty decent overall minus a few tracks. The track "Smiling Backwards" ends very abruptly, it is like this on the LP... not an error on my part. "Consequences" contains a skip or two on my copy, but one of the less memorable songs.

Preview some samples here:

Direct Action - The Album LP (1985, Second Coming Productions)

01. Insect Control
02. Louise
03. Kevin & The Constitution
04. Antipop
05. Partytime
06. Auschwitz
07. In All Honesty
08. Lust
09. Consequences
10. Smiling Backwards
11. The Haunted
12. Red
pass: kentuckyfriedwave


  1. Thank you for sharing this. It really grows on you after a few listens. Now about the band's name, yer Discogs has it listed under Second Coming which sounds wrong. It's interesting that a band by the name of Direct Action from Toronto also released an LP in 1985 called Trapped in a World, though they are not the same band for sure...

  2. Yeah, the first time I played this there was maybe only 2 songs that stood out... but it has grown on me as well with repeated plays. Some of the new wave-ish tracks remind me a little bit of Cathedral of Tears now. I also noticed that there were a few bands sharing the same name while looking for this one.

  3. Hi there, just came across this. I was in the various bands who made this record. Actually, Direct Action was the name of the political collective, the various bands were called The Stop, Gear Show, etc.

    Thanks for the positive feedback on this.

    Don't suppose you guys have mp3's of the music - sadly it's all lost to me many years ago? I've got scanned photos, but none of the music anymore!

    No idea if you can see this image? From the recording sessions:

    take care ....


    1. Hey Mark,

      You can download the file at: . It is in a compressed .rar format, so you will need a program to extract the files. The file is also password protected (kentuckyfriedwave)

      Thanks for the info. I had no idea this release was a sort of compilation of multiple bands.