Saturday, April 21, 2012

VA: Brave Boys Keep Their Promises K7 (1993, Beton Tapes)

Excellent compilation from the early 90s German underground scene with the exception of one US band (Missed In Diary)... and I was never 100% sure if The Convent were Dutch or German (or originally from the Netherlands - but living in Germany). Mix of guitar wave, goth, dark wave and a few darker indie/alternative/psychedelic bands. Couple of these bands have been posted on here before (Dusk To Dawn, Disorder, Screaming Fools)....

Preview samples:


VA: Brave Boys Keep Their Promises K7 (1993, Beton Tapes)

01. Substance of Dream - Rachel, Sweet Rachel
02. Decay - Christian Hydrophobia
03. Missed In Diary - Wonders Why
04. The Convent - Amsterdam
05. Disorder - Trees In The Storm ('93 Mix)
06. Dusk To Dawn - Where I Came From
07. Untitled - I'm Alright
08. Competition Deadline - Strange
09. Lo ! - L.M.C.
10. Almost Human - Flowers
11. Disorder - Ride of Giants (Remix)
12. Untitled - Killing Times
13. The Convent - All Night Long (Live)
14. The Cool Curtain - Happen To You
15. All Fools Day - Sex Isolation (Remix)
16. After The Rain - Zynical Reasons
17. Age of Heaven - Behind Walls
18. Screaming Fools - A Strange As This (Live)  // not a typo
19. Lo ! - Andy Warhol
pass: kentuckyfriedwave


  1. thank you'for this comp' i've been looking for this for so long now i got it' and thanks for all the post'great blog..


    something i´ve been meaning to do for a while.
    thought you could enjoy this, perhaps. and secondly do you know any small tape labels that might be interested in such racket? if you do enjoy this, feel free to post it. anyhow great blog your running, alot of great stuff..

  3. new wave crossover: Really someone was looking for this one? Figured very few knew of its existence. I've only seen it up for sale twice.


    I'll have to check it out... seems there are a lot of small tapes labels active, especially in the US releasing experimental bedroom music.

  4. Thanks! Hope you find more Beton Tapes records.

  5. Thanks for this blog, great music i love this stiles of music.
    of barcelona spain