Sunday, February 19, 2012

Kabuki - Demo K7 (198x, Self-Released)

Super-duper rare tape by the pre-Ausgang band Kabuki, best known for their rare, single official release "I Am A Horse" 7" from 1982. This tape include some demo recordings, live tracks, and a radio session. Unfortunately, the radio session tracks only include audio in the right channel and the last live track ("Between Thy Hips") is separated among the A and B side since the tape runs out on the A-Side.... Therefore I included a sub-folder inside the main directory were I tried to splice together "Between Thy Hips" (far from perfect) and messed with the panning on the radio sessions to make them a bit easier to listen to.

Despite some audio quality issues... impossible to find tape and tracks!

Kabuki - Demo K7 (198x, Self-Released)


A1. Instrumental
A2. And She
A3. Hey Bed
A4. Downfall (Instrumental)


A5. Downfall
A6. Trapper Sam
A7. Between Thy Hips
B1. Between Thy Hips (continued...)

"Radio Beacon Session"

B2. Downfall
B3. Inside
B4. The Elusive Things
B5. Kills Love Kills
B6. Inside
pass: kentuckyfriedwave

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  1. Ha! Yes!...I was always wondering if this would surface somewhere :D ~TymexPyres