Saturday, September 10, 2011

Rank Z'Heroes - Ich Werde Es Tun 7" (1983, Gamm Record) ||||||| Rank Z'Heroes - Heartbit MLP (1984, Big Heat)

Rank Z'Heroes were a Belgium band that put out three releases (the first two included here). I've never picked up the 3rd and final 12" from '86, "Need A Slave"... so no clue how it compares to these. The first 7" ('83) is certainly the coldest, reminiscent of many French coldwave bands from the time period... though the title track is sung in German. The "Heartbit" MLP ('84) is a bit more produced and varied, the French mailorder Superdisques writes "rare mini lp of complex cold by this belgian band remembers a bit minimal compact"... The A-Side of the MLP is nothing outstanding for me, but all three songs on the B-Side are dark post-punk/cold.

Rank Z'Heroes - Ich Werde Es Tun 7" (1983, Gamm Record)

01. Ich Werde Es Tun
02. Gone So Fast

Rank Z'Heroes - Heartbit MLP (1984, Big Heat)

01. Don't Walk Away
02. The Storm
03. Can Never Say Never Again
04. Das Leben
05. Secret Lips
06. Lullabies
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  1. Paul from Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, who I make music with, gave me these records, which they nicked along with a load of others from PIAS shop! Rank Z Heroes were supporting them at the time and were big Lorries fans.

  2. Hey thank you very much for that, I'm from Belgium and have been looking for those in mp3 format for ages :-)

  3. "Secret Lips"---> probably the best track about oral sex...!