Monday, April 18, 2011

VA: Les Nouveaux Barbares! LP (1984?, Kool)

Here is a great French compilation (with the exception of three bands) on the same quality level as some other 80s French compilation LPs ... "Le Cimetière Des Passions", "L'Appel De La Muse", "In Awe", "Unreleased Vol. 2", "Lyon Compilation" .... No year appears listed, but believe it came out in or around 1984. I also received a 7" by Pascal Laval (who the compilation is "presented" by) when I purchased this, but really am unsure if it actually came with this LP or was just a free gift thrown in the package from the seller (I don't recall it being anything interesting), The back of the LP lists some phone number and contact addresses for all the bands as well as many more who do not appear on the LP (E.V., Zoopsie, etc.). However, I noticed a great deal of spelling errors, so for the band names/track titles... I used what is printed on the LP labels as a reference. Enjoy.

01. Der Knall - C.D.E  // this track also appears on their lone 7" release. Gloomy coldwave
02. Eeurop - Skin Graft // also available on their incredibly rare 7". Nice coldwave / postpunk
03. Réseau D'Ombres - Instant // on their debut 7" too! Fairly well-known coldwave / dark minimal
04. Vortex - Amour Blesse // unknown band to me, but a pretty good postpunk / cold track
05. Bunter Guillaume - La Victoire Est Obligatoire // I recall reading on a forum once about a demo tape available from this band several years ago. Gloomy coldwave.
06. Ex Bela - La Force De Dire // another excellent gloomy coldwave / goth track.
07. The Grief - Synopsis // slightly avantgarde synth, one of the better tracks I've heard by them
08. Calliper Square - Down In The Street // French band trying to sound like AC/DC. Terrible, but funny!
09. Bad Virus - English Dictionary // decent new wave with a slight cold touch.
10. Alexander Platz - Le Silence Des Vœux // nice synth / coldwave track.
11. Nirvana - June // rock/pop band with a female singer
12. XS - Clap Your Hands // rock band
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